Your Nutrition Matters

Baby n You is delighted to work in partnership with Michael Walne of Your Nutrition Matters to bring this Weaning Workshop to Glasgow’s West End.

This weaning workshop has been developed as a result of feedback from families regarding the confusion and sometimes frustration they have experienced trying to conduct their own research into the correct way to begin their weaning journey, in trying to ensure their child develops a healthy and appreciative relationship with a wide range of healthy and nutritious foods.
Unlike traditional weaning fayres our workshops offer parents definitive answers, look into the psychology behind food choices and healthy relationships with food and address the pyhysiology of the development of a child’s palate.

The main focal points include

* Baby Led Weaning and Responsive Spoon Feeding – The practices, differences and relative merits of the two most common approaches to weaning.

* When and How to start weaning – Why the current guidelines recommend waiting until 6 months. This includes a look at internal development/ gut health/ physical readiness.

* Food – How to prepare, when to offer, what to serve

* Timing – How to choose the best foods, when to introduce a variety of food groups, seasoning.

* How the palate forms and how food choices impact upon this. Why a baby’s developing palate is an important consideration, how this impacts on eating and food related behaviour in babyhood and later life.

* The psychology of food choices – How our own experiences as parents can impact on how and what we choose to feed our children.

Workshops are always open-forum; so you may ask questions as we go, with time for questions between sections: no question is irrelevant! You can also send any info / inquiries / concerns ahead of workshop date

The next weaning workshop will be on Tuesday 5th September 10.30 – 12.30 at 4 Victoria Circus, G12 9LD. This workshop is limited at 10 people. The 2hr workshop with handouts and refreshments is £30. It is helpful to bring a pen and pad with you and it is fine to bring your baby too.

To book please get in touch.


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