Kindermusik™ Music Classes in Glasgow


What is Kindermusik™?

Kindermusik is a method of early childhood education in music and movement. It combines the early learning music methods of Carl Orff, Zoltan Kodaly and Suzuki method with early childhood development research. The Kindermusik philosophy is founded on the following fundamental beliefs: every parent is the child’s most important teacher, every child is musical, the home is the most important learning environment, music nurtures a child’s cognitive, emotional, social, language, and physical development.

Kindermusik is the world leader in music and movement program for babies, toddlers, young children and their parents, reaching millions of families all over the world. Kindermusik International is the creator of this innovative music and movement program that nurtures the cognitive, emotional, language, social, physical and musical development of children, and involves families in the joy of their children’s musical learning experience.

Come along and join us, enjoy the magical experience of Kindermusik music and movement classes for babies and toddlers in Glasgow’s West End… Kindermusik really is the best start you can give to your little one.


The Benefits of Kindermusik™

Language development
Music education is one of the best ways to support a child’s language development. Our programs incorporate language activities beginning with sound identification and imitation, baby’s first words, to storytelling.

Physical development
Children learn through movement so we move! Free dance, circle dances and finger play help your child gain awareness of her body and improve her coordination.

Cognitive development
Current research has proven that music-making and music listening skills as well as balancing, tapping a steady beat and the ability to count help children later on in critical and creative thinking needed for math, reading, problem solving and concentration.

Social development
In class children enjoy time with others their own age and have the opportunity to practice some necessary skills such as self-discipline, taking turns and sharing.

Emotional development
One-on-one parent and child interaction nurtures self-esteem. Music bonds families, creates communities and soothes the soul.

Musical development
Rhythm, instruments, singing, dance and a wide variety of musical styles are introduced to your child throughout the program.